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         Paso Fino Urgent Rescue
Donations may also be mailed to PFUR via New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue. In the memo line put "PFUR" and mail to:

New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue
29009 N. 152nd Drive
Surprise, AZ 85387
What is Paso Fino Urgent Rescue?  
Paso Fino Urgent Rescue
(aka:PFUR...pronounced ‘FUR’)

Paso Fino Urgent Rescue (PFUR), created May 4, 2011, is an affiliate of New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue and is a charitable organization whose mission is to aid in the rescue of Paso Fino horses in distress and help them find a second chance for love. We find Paso Finos in broker lots, auctions, craigslist, heading to slaughter or abandoned by their owners and give them a new lease on life by helping them find loving homes. We are ONLY a social media outlet set up to get the word out about Paso Finos that are in urgent need of rescue. PFUR has grown from a few members of another group on Facebook dedicated to the saving of one mare, Airietta de Excalibur to a cohesive group of over 1300 members strong. To date the PFUR has saved 117 horses, (last save was on 9/5/13), and presently has numerous horses posted who are in need of homes.     

Horses in need of rescue are found on craigslist ads, horses for sale websites, personal horses for sale, and as sad as is sounds, at auctions that kill buyers attend. Some people may not know this, but when you send a horse to auction, it has a higher chance of being bought by a horse trader and then sold to a kill buyer then it does of finding a good home. 

PFUR's hope is to one day have people who are desperate to find a home for their Paso Fino willing to post them on our group instead of taking them to auction.  

To learn more about how PFUR operates and see what you can do to help, please visit our Facebook group page.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible

"Rayas de Tigre" PFUR save #21

La Vida de Pistolero, PFHA #35031 aka Rayas de Tigre, came to New Beginnings via PFUR from the pan handle of Florida the beginning of April, 2012. He is a 13 year old gelding with gorgeous "tiger" striping on his legs, a dark dorsal stripe, and spider webbing on his forehead.
    He had quite a bit of a trust issue when he arrived here, but with the help of Karen Hall, he has made a lot of progress in that area and is developing into what should be a wonderful horse.
    Due to his many trust issues that we have been working with him on, he will remain at New Beginnings and become a part of our Promotional Paso Fino team.

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